Getting Exemption Letter for BT & WLAN a/b/g/n/ac Devices and Automotive Radar

Getting Exemption Letter for BT & WLAN a/b/g/n/ac Devices and Automotive Radar

What is an Exemption Letter?

iOTEK – Exemption Letter is an official document issued by Approval Authority (VNTA). With this letter, the Approval Authority officially confirm that specific BT, WLAN a/b/g/n/ac devices, Automotive Radar (76-81GHz) (with specific model name, manufacturer name) with RF output power less than 60mW are not mandatory to type approval in Vietnam.

Why need Exemption Letters for BT, WLAN a/b/g/n/ac devices?

Manufacturers and importers usually experience problems in customs clearance process to export or import products to Vietnam because their products looks like product subjected to regulatory type approval or certification.

The regulations on mandatory certification are complicated and it is the fact that staffs of Vietnam Customs Authority are not well-trained enough to identify if the products belongs the mandatory category or not.

Pursuant to Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT of Ministry of Information and Communications Vietnam and Official Letter No. 1551/BTTTT-KHCN guidance Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT, a Bluetooth device or a WLAN device operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands with RF output power less than 60mW EIRP is exempted from mandatory MIC type approval. Besides, based on Circular No. 04/2018/TT-BTTTT, EMC standards are exempted from type approval in Vietnam. Thus, Automotive Radar (76-81GHz) with applied standards of QCVN 18:2014/BTTTT (EMC standard) is exempted from type approval in Vietnam. But how to prove its output power is less than 60mW to Vietnam Customs Authority? What is the requirement to prove the RF out put power? Which documents or official letter issued by a competent Authority will be recognized by Customs Authority?

Therefore, manufacturers and importers are encouraged to obtain Exemption Letter to prevent any problem may occurs during customs clearance process and enjoy a good supply line. Exemption Letter is an official document issued by Competent Authority to prove the products are exempted from regulatory type approval or energy certification. Exemption Letter is recognized by Customs Authority and helps to have a smooth customs clearance process.

What are requirement documents for applying the Exemption Letter?

Please refer to requirement documents for applying Exemption Letter as below:

– Application form,
– Technical specifications/datasheet, user manual, external photos,
– Eligible test reports,
– The business license of the local appliciant.

The Exemption Letter will be issued within 10 working days from submission date.

Please find below an Exemption Letter issued by VNTA for your references. Contact us now for consultancy in details:

Email: [email protected]

Click here to preview the Exemption Letter for a BT Soundbar.

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