Why EMC, RF, Safety, Energy Efficiency Local Testing Needed

RF, EMC, Safety, Energy Efficiency in-contry test reports under Vietnam national technical regulations and standards are the most important documents that all local importers and manufacturers need to apply for Type Approval certification, DOC, or Energy Effficiency certification for their products. Under current Vietnam regulations, some oversea test reports from oversea laboratories recognized by MIC Vietnam, MOIT Vietnam are accepted for submission. But, not every oversea laboratories are recognized by MIC Vietnam, MOIT Vietnam and not every national technical regulations of Vietnam are equivalent to ETSI directives, so in-country testing is suggested for time accelerating and cost reduction.

Which products need RF, EMC, Safety, Energy Efficiency in-country test reports?

  • Radio products
  • Information Technology equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Office equipment.

How to do the in-country testing?

  • Determine the local applied standards
  • Register the applied standards and submit the test sample to recognized test labs
  • Pay the testing fee to laboratories
  • Get the local test reports

After getting the local test reports from the local labs, we will share the scan file of the local test reports to the client for their reference. The local test reports will be submitted together with the Type Approval Certification application documents if the client want to obtain the type approval certificate. Or it will be send to address destination as the request from the client if the client only want to get the local test reports.

iOTEK Vietnam provides one-stop local testing services to help customers:

  • Advises national technical regulations and standards applicable to the device. Avoid misapplied regulations, wasting time and cost.
  • Selects the best designated testing laboratories for clients’ convenience.
  • Keep follow testing process, accelerate testing process, and cooperate with local testing lab to debug any trouble may occur.
  • One-stop services, carry out all testing required by MIC Vietnam, MOST Vietnam, and MOIT Vietnam for a single product.
Click here to preview a Safety test report and an EMC test report.

Our Process


QUICK SELF-ASSESSMENT of your product readiness for local testing.



Send your product to designated laboratories for testing



Obtain the Testing Report



Share the scanned copy of Test Report with you and attach the original copy with the Certification Application Documents for submission



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Reliable one-stop service

Shorten leadtime

Strong compliance

Wide range of equipment

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